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Our premium inositol supplement is formulated to promote hormonal balance and support ovarian function. It maintains a healthy menstrual cycle, and egg quality. It also supports healthy blood insulin levels. This superior combination helps in conceiving, improves insulin sensitivity and aids in removing cysts. It consists of 10000 mcg of Lmethyl folate which is the moct active form of folic acid.

MyoInositol (USP):…………….1100 mg
D-chiro inositol (USP)…………..37.6 mg 
 L-Methyl folate (USP)…………….10 mg
 Vitamin D3 (USP)………………….1000 IU

1 tablet twice a day with meal or as directed by the physician

“Getting All The Nutrient You Need Cannot Be Done Without Supplementation”

Iron Bisglycinate 

  • It is a chelated and highest absorbable form of iron. 
  • This novel type of iron is gentle on the stomach and does not cause constipation.
  • Provides a safety margin of 125 fold above the provision at maximum tolerable daily intake of other iron salts. 

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is vital for both mother and baby. 
  • Promotes a healthy reproductive system in both men and women. 
  • Helps to boost immunity and improves the ability to absorb iron.

Folic Acid

  • Folic acid may protect during pregnancy against depression and birth defects.
  • It reduces neonatal mortalities from Neural Tube Defects(NTDs).
  • It is effective in preventing anemia.


  • LMethylfolate is the biologically active form of folic acid
  • LMethylfolate is the natural, active form of folic acid used at the cellular level
  • It bypasses several metabolic steps in the body as it is already present in the absorbable form
  • Lmethylfolate is a Novel form of Folate
  • More effective than folic acid
  • Lmethylfolate is a high absorbable form of folic acid
  • Lmethylfolate is the bioactive form of folic acid ready to use at cellular level
  • Unlike regular folic acid, Lmethylfolate does not require enzymatic conversion to Lmethylfolate in the body. Lmethylfolate is 7 times more bioavailable than folic acid
  • Lmethylfolate is less likely to mask a vitamin deficiency compared to folic acid.
  • L-methylfolate increases RBC folate better than folic acid.


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