Silyberg Tablet

Milk thistle A natural detoxifier , nutritional supplement, supports liver health, 100% free of gluten & wheat, dairy & lactose, artificial flavors, milk thistle 200gm , 30’s tablets




Silyberg tablet contains milk thistle which is a potent inhibitor of inflammation, fibrosis and oxidative stress that is safe and has low risks of drug interactions. Silymarin may have a role in combination with antioxidants. Clinically, silymarin exerts its hepatoprotective effects through antioxidative, antifibrotic, anti-inflammatory, antitoxin, and anti-cancerous mechanisms of actions

Powdered Milk Thistle Extract (USP): 200 mg
Vitamin E (USP):  100 mg

1 tablet twice a day preferably with meal or as prescribed by the physician


  •   Protects against all kind of liver diseases
  •   Enhances liver detoxification process.
  •   Improves liver function by correcting sluggish liver
  •   Relieves from hepatic and G.I distress.
  •   Accelerates the regeneration of liver cells.
  •   Helps ease inflammation and promotes cell repair
  •   Acts as antioxidant that protects the liver from the free radical damage
  •   Modulates enzymes associated with the development of cellular damage, fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early research suggests that taking a combination of the milk thistle and vitamin E by mouth twice daily for 12 months improves liver function tests in people with liver disease.

The detoxifying property of the liver slows down after the age of 40, milk thistle to be very effective in detoxifying, repairing and maintaining liver health.

The silymarin exerts membrane-stabilizing and antioxidant activity, promotes hepatocyte regeneration furthermore it reduces the inflammatory reaction, and inhibits fibrogenesis in the liver. These results have been established by experimental and clinical trials.

1 tablet daily preferably with meals.