Hedrus Sachet

Hedrus Sachet,Natural Expectorant To Relieve Cough,Cold & Flu, Dietary Supplement, 10’s Sachet



“Instant relief from cough, cold and flu:”

Hedrus sachet is a natural, safe and effective dietary supplement which has mucolytic, expectorant, bronchodilator and cough suppressant properties. The pure medicinal herbs in hedrus sachet by virtue of their well-balanced composition contribute by their synergistic action and provides relief from all the major symptoms of cough, cold and flu.The chamomile in it also exhibits anti-oxidant and anti-spasmodic properties.

  • Extract of Ivy leaf: ………………… 70 mg
  • Extract of Thyme leaf (USP):…….. 20 mg
  • Extract of Licorice root (USP): …… 53 mg
  • Chamomile Extract (USP): ……….. 50 mg
  • Ginger Powder (USP): ……………. 10 mg 

Dissolve one sachet in a cup of lukewarm water or tea and sip slowly. Use three times a day.

“Don’t Feel Alone There’s Always A Bright Light After The Darkness ”

  • Thyme is used by some for respiratory illnesses.

  • The leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing and lessen inflammation.

  • Thyme has a variety of natural flavonoids responsible for restoring normal lung functions.


  • Chamomile also has antioxidant properties which are helpful for tissue repair and health.
  • The antispasmodic action of chamomile might also reduce cough.
  • If your sore throat is caused by a cold, chamomile may relieve some of your other cold symptoms as well.
  • Licorice has a soothing effect on the throat and is antitussive in action.
  • It helps to reduce throat irritation and dry cough.
  •  It contains isoflavones which are mainly responsible for relieving cough and helps to reduce bronchial spasm.


  • A unique combination of ivy leaf with thyme and licorice 
  • Antispasmodic and antitussive in action
  • Instant relief from cough, cold and flu
  • Pure herbal extract with extra effects of ginger and chamomile
  • Synergistic formula for quick and effective results
  • Free from Gluten, artificial flavors and preservatives

Frequently Asked Questions

To relieve symptoms of cough. cold, sore throat, dry cough and for increased production of mucus.

It is a non sedative cough relief sachet.

You must consult a health care professional before taking any dietary supplement.

All our products are DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) registered and manufactured under GMP guidelines and ISO certified.

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