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Cosiron tablet contains Ferrous bisglycinate that improves iron absorption, storage and increase hemoglobin level better than the conventionally used iron salts. It is claimed to have better patient compliance because of fewer gastrointestinal tract side effects. Vitamin C acts as a reducing agent to facilitate iron absorption from the GI tract and to enable its mobilization from storage

  • Iron Bisglycinate chelat………..30mg (eq.. to elemental iron 26mg)
  • Folic acid……………….250 mcg
  •  Vitamin C………………50 mg
  •  Vitamin B12……………0.1 mcg

1 tablet daily with a meal or as prescribed by the physician.


Pregnant women should consult with their doctors before taking any supplements

“Getting All The Nutrient You Need Cannot Be Done Without Supplementation”

Iron Bisglycinate 

  • It is a chelated and highest absorbable form of iron. 
  • This novel type of iron is gentle on the stomach and does not cause constipation.
  • Provides a safety margin of 125 fold above the provision at maximum tolerable daily intake of other iron salts. 

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is vital for both mother and baby. 
  • Promotes a healthy reproductive system in both men and women. 
  • Helps to boost immunity and improves the ability to absorb iron.

Folic Acid

  • Folic acid may protect during pregnancy against depression and birth defects.
  • It reduces neonatal mortalities from Neural Tube Defects(NTDs).
  • It is effective in preventing anemia.


  • Helps prevent and treat iron deficiency & anemia
  • Reduces the incidence of miscarriages, labour, complications, neural tube defects & low birth weight babies
  • Reduces the risk of premature delivery by two to three times
  • Significantly reduces the risk of intrauterine growth retardation.
  • Required for the formation of Haemoglobin & RNA.
  • Iron enhances immunity.
  • Significantly boosts the energy levels.
  • Reduces homocysteine levels.


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