Risofer Tablet

Chelated iron, prevent iron deficiency in pregnancy, nutritional supplement, Non constipating, GMO & Gluten free, 30mg iron bisglycinate, 30’s tablets

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For Anemia Free Life

It contains Ferrous bisglycinate that improves iron absorption, storage and increases hemoglobin level better than the conventionally used iron salts. It is claimed to have better patient compliance because of fewer gastrointestinal tract side effects.

Iron (as bisglycinate): 30 mg (109.5 mg)
Folic acid:  400 mcg

    1 tablet daily with meals or in empty stomach or as prescribed by the physician.


  • Helps prevent iron deficiency & anemia.
  • Reduces the incidence of miscarriage, labour complications, neural tube defects, low birth weight babies.
  • Reduces the risk of premature delivery by two to three times.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of intrauterine growth retardation.
  • Required for the formation of haemoglobin & the formation of RNA.
  • Iron enhances immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, iron bisgylcinate is a chelated and highly absorbable form of iron.

Yes , the absorption from chelated iron is 4 times higher than from ferrous sulphate.

It is recommended to take on an empty stomach (before breakfast or 2 hour after meal) but If stomach upset occurs, you may take this with a meal.