D-Plex Drop

D-Plex Drops, The Sunshine Vitamin,Bones & Teeth Support, Vitamin D3 For Healthy Growth & Development, 15ml Drops

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“Give power to bones by sunshine vitamin”

The infant’s Vitamin D3 drops for building and keeping strong bones. It promotes calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth. It promotes healthy growth and development.

  • Vitamin A (USP): 1011 IU
  • Vitamin D3 (USP): 548 IU
  • Vitamin E (USP): 38.9 IU
  • Vitamin K1 (USP): 44.5 mcg
  • Vitamin C (USP):  192 mg
  • Folic acid (USP): 822 mcg
  • Vitamin B1 (USP): 2.10mg
  • Vitamin B2 (USP): 2.30 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (USP): 2.74 mg
  • Vitamin B12 (USP): 6.0 mcg
  • Niacin (USP): 7.8 mg
  • Pantothenic acid (USP): 8.2 mg
  • Biotin(USP): 12.0 mcg
  • Choline chloride(USP): 330 mg
  • Sodium chloride(USP): 280 mg
  • Potassium chloride(USP): 1148 mg
  • Calcium carbonate(USP): 1370 mg
  • Magnesium sulphate (USP): 315 mg
  • Iron as Ferrous Sulphate (USP): 16.7 mg
  • Zinc sulphate (USP): 27.4 mg
  • Manganese sulphate(USP): 1.6 mg
  • Copper sulphate(USP): 1.4 mcg
  • Iodine as KI(USP): 60mcg
  • Selenium as sodium selenite(USP): 89 mcg
  • Chromium as picolinate(USP): 82.2 mcg


  • Add 3 tablespoons of frota plus into the glass
  • Add warm and cold boiled water
  • Mix it properly



  •         Not for parenteral use.
  •        Not for use in galactosemia
  •        Not intended for use in children.

“Getting All The Nutrient You Need Cannot Be Done Without Supplementation”

Iron Bisglycinate 

  • It is a chelated and highest absorbable form of iron. 
  • This novel type of iron is gentle on the stomach and does not cause constipation.
  • Provides a safety margin of 125 fold above the provision at maximum tolerable daily intake of other iron salts. 

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is vital for both mother and baby. 
  • Promotes a healthy reproductive system in both men and women. 
  • Helps to boost immunity and improves the ability to absorb iron.

Folic Acid

  • Folic acid may protect during pregnancy against depression and birth defects.
  • It reduces neonatal mortalities from Neural Tube Defects(NTDs).
  • It is effective in preventing anemia.


  • Reduces the risk of rickets.
  •   Promotes bone density
  •   Regulates the immune system.
  •   Maintains healthy nerves and muscles.
  •   Stimulates the body to absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth.
  •   Promotes healthy growth and development in infancy and childhood.
  •   Compliments the breast milk to provide optimum nutrition for the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Promotes healthy growth in infants & children, supports healthy and strong bones and stimulates maximum absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in absorption of calcium in bones, teeth and intestines, if vitamin D deficiency is not treated in an initial stage it may result in rickets and osteomalacia.

Children need vitamin D for bone growth and development. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium. The major physiological role of vitamin D is to facilitate the intestinal absorption of calcium, by stimulating the expression of proteins involved in calcium transport. Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in providing the proper balance of minerals necessary for bone growth and function.

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